Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random stuff

First day of classes today. Pharmacology is being held in a room that is MUCH too small for the number of people enrolled in the class. Thankfully, half of us will be taking the class online. The professor is has a dry wit that borders on smart-assedness, and I respect that. Already, I'm totally interested in the material. Should be a good semester. And no parking tickets, even though I inadvertently parked in one of the faculty lots. Thumbs up.

Had lunch with an old-school diver friend before class. He and I have re-connected after a TON of years through the continued magic of Facebook. As most of you know, I was SO against stupid social networking sites a year ago, but Facebook has got to be the greatest thing in all of the world. Hell, my cousin's wife even found me! I really love catching up with all the folks that come out of the woodwork. Very cool stuff.

And, just for fun, I offer you this:

I totally get a kick out of this commercial. I love how into it the father is. The way he shakes his butt at the end is just freaking priceless. Any time I'm having a bad day, this one is sure to cheer me up. It's just so sweet. Having a bad day? Watch. I dare you not to feel the warm fuzzies. =)

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