Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolutions and revelations

So, I've had lots of time on my hands these days. And I've done a fair amount of thinking. I've realized a few very important things...

1. I need to really make an effort to eat healthier. Last year's diet included tons of cheese, frozen convenience foods, take out, more cheese, sugar and sweets galore, and lots and lots of breads and pastas. The last time I went to the doctor's, I was forced onto the scale by an unhappy nurse whose face brightened considerably when she saw how much I weighed and how shocked I was at the actual number (bitch!). I think I may have cried a little that day. The food choices I've made over the past year have resulted in quite a weight gain and I realized that I have to make a change. All the exercise that I've been doing isn't going to make a damn bit of difference if I keep eating the way I do. Since returning home from the land of cheese and beer, DJC and I have made a conscious effort to eat healthier. So far, we're doing fairly well. Check back in May, though...we'll see what's what then! =)

2. I can't fake it anymore. I'm just not cut out for desk work. Some people, like my mother, can sit for hours on end and just do paperwork. I am obviously not cut from the same cloth. I HATE sitting still. I hate being chained to a desk. I can't stand cubes or offices or office buildings. I've tried, in my last three jobs, to ignore this very blatant fact and just force myself into the corporate life. The VoIP job almost worked, because I didn't have to be at a desk for a certain number of hours per day with supervisors watching how many times I go to the bathroom before lunch, but even if I didn't screw that one up (royally!), sooner or later, office politics would have gotten the better of me.

I've had a decent amount of time to think, and I've realized that I really need to get back to doing what I love and what I'm good at, which is taking care of people. I've only got a few more prerequisites to fulfill before I can apply for nursing school. Fortunately, there are a few accelerated programs in the area for people who already have a Bachelor's in a science-realted field. The programs are one year long, and then you're out there practicing. I'm thinking ER. With my skills from sports medicine, I think it would be a good fit for me. And nothing could sound any sweeter than that right now. I have a mere five classes to finish up, and then the NET to dominate before I can apply, but assuming all goes as planned, I should be ready to apply by this November for 2010 (man, typing that out makes it seem SOOO far away!!). First up: Pharmacology and Interpersonal Communications. Woot.

The bottom line is that I have fought going back to school to do what I love for FAR too long and I no longer have any sort of excuse. It needs to happen. I need to make a change. I'm lucky enough to have found what I love to do in this life and for me to put that off any longer is just silly. There's no time like the present and I've gotta start somewhere. I just need to stay focused and keep at it! Wish me luck!!

In the meantime, I'm hitting the gym hard and writing. My long lost friend and I were recently reuinited through the power of Facebook, and when we discovered a mutual love for reality TV, we decided to start a blog dedicated to nothing but good, old fashioned smack talk. Ladies and gents, I present "Admit It...You Love to Watch". Enjoy!

Ok, that's it for now. I'll keep you all posted on how classes go. I'm honestly a little nervous. Weird?


Arvay said...

Some people never find out what makes them happy. Congratulations!

Brian said...

Some other things to think about

UC Health System - UC Davis Medical Center 2008

Ultrasound Tech - Step 1: $32.12/hr
Dosimetrist - Step 1: $48.73/hr
Radiology Tech - Step 1: $28.70/hr

I have no idea what the going rates these days are for other hospitals and such. This is the info my stepdad always relays to me when my parents worry I won't find work as an ecologist. I know Radiology is a one or two-year program. My old housemate is pursuing it without too much difficulty all without a Bachelor's Degree.

Miss E. said...

Hear ya on the desk job. I still haven't determined if I'm cut out for my job. I might be good at it, but I feel I don't enjoy it as much as one should enjoy something they spend so much time doing. It was so good to see you, although I feel like we didn't get to catch up much. See you Sunday at the book exchange! (Totally have no books to exchange...)