Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shut the front door...

No, really. The most recent installment of SYTYCD was so fabulous, I was left wanting MORE (and so far this season, that hasn't happened)!! I actually loved every number and solo, and yes, that even includes Mark and Comfort's foxtrot. Usually, I post my favorite number of the week, but with all the amazing offerings, I'm having a hell of a time deciding. Man, the choreographers really stepped up their efforts this week, and the dancers did all of the numbers justice. It was just hot.

But, before I get to all the things I LOVED, let's talk about the stuff I could have done without, shall we?

1. Chelsie's attitude. It doesn't matter how ridiculous your legs are, young lady. When your personality is so very obnoxious and rude (bordering on ugly), it cancels out all of the hotness. Seriously. Slamming the very popular, audience-friendly Joshua every chance you got was not OK. Grow up. Be professional. You're not in 6th grade homeroom anymore. Remember, SYTYCD is all about finding America's favorite dancer and you just slipped into the bottom 2, missy.

2. Nigel slamming Joshua and picking on him for his "big bum". I'm sure Mr. Nigel would be surprised to learn that women LIKE the junk in the trunk. Especially when wardrobe puts that junk in tight pants (Bless you, wardrobe). It's not funny or cool or appropriate to pick on people for their physical attributes. This isn't America's Next Top Model, for Christ's sake!

Ok, now that I've gotten that off of my chest, on to the good stuff:

1. Tabitha and Napoleon. Are they just the cutest couple EVAR or what?! Mark and Comfort's hip hop number was AMAZING (it was in the running for my favorite dance of the night...and possibly the season). But, by far, their best choreography effort was reserved for Will and Courtney. Not gonna lie...I got a little teary. So beautiful. If Will doesn't win the whole damn show, I vow never to watch again. Seriously. (I'll post the video when I can find it. Promise. It's worth the wait.)

2. WILL'S SOLO! He danced *just* like James Brown. When it was over, I was pissed. I could have watched him dance all night long. So. Entertaining.

3. Toni Basil. Ok, she used the word "street" one too many times, and she rambled a little at times but her critiques were spot on and very thoughtful. She also looked a little spacey. The fact that she couldn't focus her eyes so well, plus the rambling = good TV, right there. Airheadedness aside, "Oh Mickey" lady knows her dance. More of her and Lil' C on the judging panel, please.

4. For my favorite of the night, I've settled on this one (and trust me, it was a tough choice):

(video uploaded by tacksy. Thanks!)

Mia Michaels has kinda been on my sh*t list as of late, because she can't keep her big mouth shut and then when she tries to make it better by opening her piehole again, she just digs herself deeper and manages to look more foolish and rude, but HOLY MOSES, this number is SO good. Love the quality of Twitch's movement and double love that he is just cool as ice.

It's gonna be hard to lose anyone this week. This is where the show gets hard. I want everyone to stay, but my votes this week go to Courtney, Will and Twitch. Poor Mark, I think, will be the next to go. Bummer too. His style is SO unique. But someone's gotta go...and it better not be my Will!!

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