Thursday, July 24, 2008

But, but I *voted* for Will...

...lots of times Tuesday night, and I normally don't vote for reality shows at all! Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. In a stunning turn of events, Will Wingfield, the best technical dancer to ever grace the SYTYCD stage has been voted off. In my last post, I vowed to never watch the show again if Will didn't win it all, because HELLO?! No one could touch him! He was a shoe-in for the win!

Well, it's official. So You Think You Can Dance is dead to me. I don't care who wins now, but whoever does has to know deep in his or her heart that its a fluke. Will going home this early is bullshit. Plain and simple. There. I said it.

Just for shits and giggles, here's what America chose to send home tonight:

Farewell, amazingly elegant Will. Whatever company you end up with, I will pay good money to see.

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momo said...

I was sad to see Will go as well. I liked his audition for daring to use a spoken word piece, and he always gave it his all. I'm sure this show will open more doors for him in the dance world than for other contestants, whatever his dance dreams are.