Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ranking the Batman Flicks: Part Two

Ok. I've got 45 minutes until SYTYCD is on, and since my ONE reader (Hi Lex!) has voiced his opinion in the comments about what he'd like to see more of, and since I'm only writing this blog in order to win more friends/readers by pleasing others, here it is. Today's your lucky day, kid. ;)

(Really though, I had planned on doing this post anyways as part of my three-post series. It just so happens that I possess the necessary motivation to crank it out tonight)


...Batman, a legendary comic book hero and a silver screen icon that has been played by four different actors. But who did it best? Well, here's what I think (again, the rankings go from best to worst):

1. Michael Keaton, who played the Caped Crusader in the first two Batman films. I know I'm gonna catch a lot of flack for not choosing Christian Bale for the coveted number one slot, but Michael Keaton, to me, embodies everything that Bruce Wayne AND Batman should be. Aloof. Strong. Too cool for school, but in a way that makes you think that he's covering for some sort of shortcoming and also doesn't really know how to act around people. This, plus the fact that Keaton does very little talking as Batman in the first movie give him the edge over Bale.

2. Christian Bale, who played the Dark Knight in the last two Batman films. What lost Bale the top spot for me is the ridiculous way his voice changes when he is in his Batman get-up. I CAN'T STAND the over-affected gruffness and breathiness of it. I know that seems minor, but Bale spends a large part of The Dark Knight as Batman and he has tons of lines. It was totally distracting for me. Still, his eerie (and amazing) performance in Batman Begins gives him the edge over Val Kilmer.

3. Val Kilmer, who played Batman in only one film, Batman Forever. If you followed the old school comics, you know that Bruce Wayne was always sort of a player, big pimpin' women and flossin' with all of his money and cars and fancy shit. Val Kilmer does an excellent job of being that Bruce Wayne, because up until this flick, movie goers had only seen Keaton's Wayne, which was pretty morose and opposite to what he was in the comics. That alone keeps Kilmer out of the bottom, he's just so damn good looking, he makes any role a memorable one (for me, at least).

4. George Clooney, who was an utter joke in Batman and Robin. Why he was ever cast in this role, heaven only knows. Everything about his performance sucked. Royally. Maybe if he had been given a semi-decent storyline, he would have risen to the occasion instead of giving a completely unconvincing performance, but unfortunately, that's a moot point. Thank goodness for Oceans Eleven and O Brother Where Art Thou, because Batman and Robin single-handedly could have sunk Clooney's career and relegated him to a lifetime of ER re-runs.

But, of course, all this is just my opinion. What do you think?

Come back soon for my favorite of all of these posts...the villains!!


momo said...

I haven't seen TDK (as the kids are calling it) yet, but I've seen a parody of the Joker trying to get Batman to enunciate on YouTube that had me in stitches.
You have at least 2 readers *waves hand* and I'd love to see your SYTYCD recap! even though I know you are sad about Will's departure.

The Enforcer said...

YAY!! Counting momo, DJC, Arvay, BT, Lex, Lucky_Girl and KezRad, I now have SEVEN readers! w00t!

Actually, thanks to you all for continuing to stop by every now and then and occasionally leaving a comment or two.

Eventually, I'll put up a quick recap of SYTYCD because Sonya's dance for Mark and Courtney blew my mind and it deserves a little blog space, for sure...

momo said...

Oh, and Cillian Murphy is my movie BF.

Amisk8er said...

THANK YOU ENFORCER! I think you have quite compelling arguments for your ranking of the batman MOVIE actors, but I was secretly hoping that you might include a few words about Mr. West :-)

Aaaanyway, I haven't seen "TDK" but hope to soon, and I liked Bale as batman in BM Begins. Can't wait for your post on villains... YAY Jack Nicholson!!! (ok Liam Neeson was good too)... ttyl Enforcer...