Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

I did not watch the Season 5 Project Runway premier. Instead, I opted to ogle at Will Wingfield the gorgeous dancers on SYTYCD and record Project Runway for viewing when I get around to it. I dunno...this new season of just feels so....what's the word...contrived. Overdone. Passé. Maybe after watching the first episode, I'll feel differently and be excited to see the designers and all of the overthought, forced challenges. But for now, I am SO happy I chose to tune in to catch this:

(allow the whole thing to load, and then skip to 1:08...thanks kelxk3l!)

This is what SYTYCD calls a "Pas de Deux", or "dance for two". And technically speaking, it is. But traditionally, a pas de deux is meant to be more of a ballet style dance, with three separate phrases to it. Although achingly beautiful, I'm not sure what differentiates this piece from, say, a contemporary number. And I have to think that the producers of the show gave this one to Katee and Will on purpose, because they knew no one else on the show could pull it off. Seriously, could you see Comfort or even Kherington performing this? Talk about a massacre. I bet Nigel and Co. sat down and discussed just who could carry Desmond Richardson's incredibly difficult choreography off and settled on Will and Katee. (as an aside: in college, I used to go to every dance performance that came to Zellerbach Hall...Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre was one of my favorites, and I remember seeing Desmond back in the day. Effortlessly perfect, he was. And still is!)

Anyways, the PR premier is DVR'd and ready to go...should I ever feel like watching. On the other hand, I could watch Katee and Will all day long. =)

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