Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Week One

Ok. So, I finally watched the Season 5 Project Runway premier. As JZ and I discussed earlier in the day, I am excited again. YAY! Heidi looks amazing...and judging by the length of the two dresses she wore in this first episode, we'll get to see what's underneath soon! Double YAY!

As for the contestants...same people, different season. Kinda yawnable. All except for one. Our dear tanorexic Blayne.

So, last season,Christian Siriano had this thing...whenever he would talk about himself or anything that excited him, he would say, "FIERCE". He said it so much, it became his schtick...and over time, it was kinda cute. He gradually broke the souls of the American public with his fierceness over the entire course of the show. He didn't blow is fierce wad all at once.

Blayne, bless his orange little heart, used "girlicious" like 5 times in the premier episode, even going so far as to actually write it down the leg of his model. (Seriously?! Ick.)

I wonder if Blayne has seen what I consider to be the best Skeezy Coke-han flick, "Mean Girls". There's a scene where Gretchen Weiners is trying desperately to fit in and be cool by saying "That's so fetch" over and over, until finally, Regina George steps in and says, "Give it up! Fetch is never going to catch on!" Gretchen looks crushed, but she knows Regina is right.

Blayne's "girlicious" is like Gretchen's "fetch". You need to give it up, boyfriend. That shit ain't gonna catch on. That's what's up.

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onthemountain said...

i don't know. i like girlicious. tanorexic is pretty damn cool too though.

PS: I had a dream that Bobby Djingkslnkfldfnski and I made out. Lets hope life doesn't imitate art (my dreams).