Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday morning couch potato report

Good morning! Welcome to your weekly update of all the televised crap you can handle. Weeeee!

First up to bat this time around, we've got the Food Network. Aaaah, the glorious Food Network. All food, all the time. And most of it, with the glaring exception of anything that Rachael Ray makes, looks deeeee-lish! I just can't imagine that food prepared by someone that obnoxious could be any good. But that's just me. Plenty of people that watch her wildly gesticulate while cooking love her. But, in the same obnoxious vein, we find the lovably awesome Guy Fieri. Not familiar? This is our guy:

Yeah, he's the one featured in the latest T.G.I.Friday's commercials. He hosts several shows on the Food Network, but my favorite is called "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives". He travels all around the nation looking for the most unique places to get home-cooked grub. He stands in the kitchens and patiently watches while the owners of the places he visits make their specialty dishes. Then comes the fun part. He always chows down on whatever is made, usually in a gluttonous manner. Not sure why, but it's *so* satisfying to watch him inhale the food. And thanks to yesterday's show, DJC and I will have to visit this place at some point. Mangia!

So, last night was the season finale of CSI Miami. I decided to DVR Miss Rap Supreme, which airs at the same time, only because all of the CSI episodes have been previously available On Demand. I woke up today, all excited to watch Horatio in all his one-liner glory, only to find that last night's episode is NOT AVAILABLE. NOOOOOOOOOO! As entertaining as Miss Rap Supreme was, I want my CSI!! Maybe it'll show up in the On Demand section later in the day. Fingers crossed...

And only two more days until SYTYCD returns! WHOOO-HOOOO!

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djc said...

I can't explain it, but watching Guy eat is just so satisfying at a primordial level!

You can tell he truly loves his job.