Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exersize: Ur doin it rong

Yesterday, I headed over to meet up with DeKap for our weekly stumble run up and down the stairs of Alta Plaza. I was sore from the previous day's run and wasn't really up for it, but if he was ready to go, I'd soldier through.

Thankfully, he wasn't. He and I have both been a little down in the dumps lately (but for very different reasons) and running was the last thing that either of us wanted to do. So, on a sunny but windy afternoon in the city by the bay, the only exercise that DeKap and I got came from walking two blocks uphill to the local bar, consuming a few drinks (mmmm, lychee and pineapple infused vodka martinis), walking across the street to grab some gelato (mmmm, lavender gelato), and then walking the same two blocks downhill to get back to his place.

And as good as running would have felt afterwards, not running, consuming lots of calories and chilling with a good friend for a bit felt even better. Sometimes when things don't work out as planned, it ends up being exactly what you needed...


onthemountain said...

hey sista sista. i'm the opposite right now, just drinking EVERY night, getting drunk every other, and in desperate need of some excersize endorphins.

You may not have a job but at least you're the bomb. Most people are the reverse.

Arvay said...

I heard that one theory on why moderate alcohol consumption is supposed to be good for you is that it places mild stress on your heart. This supposedly has about the same effect as exercise.

Sound like a good form of exercise, to me. Possibly my second favorite. :)