Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratualtions... David Archuleta. He becomes the latest in a long line of talented people to NOT win it all, despite being the best at their respective reality competition disciplines. He joins:

*Danny Tidwell, from Season 3's SYTYCD. I still maintain that no one from this upcoming season (or any season, for that matter) will ever be as good as Danny. And yet, somehow, incredibly, he lost out...

*Kaba Modern, from Season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew. They didn't even make it to the finals, although there have been articles (like this one) out there hinting at foul play. Hella whack. They were amazing.

*Uli Herzner from Season 3 of Project Runway. She lost out to Jeffrey, whose clothes I would buy only if I were going to a costume party as a 80s rocker chick or a gothed-out cokewhore. Uli's line, on the other hand, was clean and interesting, with plenty of movement. I'd wear her stuff any day.

(there are more...I just felt like only mentioning those three because they stand out the most to me)

And now, we can add David Archuleta to that list. Last night's American Idol finale was bullshit. There. I said it. David Cook? Did anyone who voted actually *listen* to him sing? And moreover, did anyone watch him? He might have an OK voice (similar to Chad Kroeger's from Collective Soul...kinda monotone, kinda scruffy), but there's just nothing behind his eyes. The same can almost be said for David Archuleta, but here's the big difference: Cook is 25. Archuleta is 17. David A., although more charismatic than his competitor, still lacks a little on-stage maturity that can probably be chalked up to his age. Bright lights, big city. No matter, though. He more than makes up for it with his strong, beautiful vocals. Archuleta can sell it. The same cannot be said for David C.

Once David C. gets in the studio and has the help of a sound engineer to digitize his meh-ness, he'll crank out a pretty good CD that will sell a few copies here and there. But David A. will always have that "wow" factor. Couple that with the fact that he is so young, and I think we'll be seeing him for years and years. Does David C. have that kind of staying power? Only time will tell, but I look for him to disappear into the background with other Idol "winners" like Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard. He just doesn't do it for me. At all. (His reaction to winning, though, was *very* endearing and kinda melted my icy heart...for like a second.)

David A., you were robbed, my friend. At least you're in good company...

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The Enforcer said...

Holy smokes! After watching this week's Top Chef, we can add Dale to the list! I had him in the top three, easily. And Lisa stays over him?! Aawww, HELL NO!