Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah. I love this show.

This is the recap post of SYTYCD's live tour that my sister, mom and I enjoyed last year. This entry is from my dearly departed old blog and entitled "*insert incredibly high-pitched girly screams here*". Enjoy!
"Ohmygod, ohmygod, OHMYGAAWD! YEEEAAYY!!!!" Every time Pasha, Neil or Danny took the stage, the group of three *very* sharply dressed middle aged men sitting next to my mother at last night's So You Think You Can Dance show would scream with giddy glee. I even witnessed fist pumping. Several times. OK OK, so some of those giddy screams may have come from me, but who's keeping track, right? They were awesome. Behind us sat the unofficial Pasha fan club, headed by what I thought was the cutest 14-year old girl EVAR. Then I heard her scream. My eardrums are still ringing! Holy cow. They sure did love them some Pasha!

From the start of SYTYCD this season, I've been in awe of the amazing level of talent. Danny, in particular, took my breath away from the get-go. When my sister called to let me know that she has scored tickets to this year's tour, I was thrilled. To see Danny's grace and amplitude *live* was something I could hardly wait for! And my god, did he ever deliver! Stunning and flawless, he is. I'm convinced he is not human. Simply perfect.

Although I'll remain a Danny-loving fool forever, I'd pay good money to see the opening group number to "Madskillz" by BT again and again and again. It was the perfect way to open the show. So high energy! It really got the crowd going. I also enjoyed seeing "Mein Herr" and "2:19" (the swamp themed number) again. With respect to the solos: with every single one, I found that I wanted MORE! I'd be happy if the solos were longer in the future. And although I loved all of them, three really stood out in my mind: of course Danny (swoon!), Kameron and Jaimie. Maybe it was their choice of music or choreography (or both!), but thinking back, its those three that I remember. Jaimie is so graceful and strong and Kameron's solo really showed off how much he has improved.

Since the Oakland stop is close to the end of the tour, every dance and dancer looked so polished. It was great to see the dancers perform the style that they're most comfortable with, too. That break dancing number? SICK! After watching Hok give more than 100%, I can't believe he has a back injury! He really gave it his all. The schtick in between the dances seemed a bit contrived and arbitrary, but I understand the need in order to transition from one number to the next. In the future I'd like to see less of it, though...and longer solos. Longer solos. Yeah. Wait, have I said that I'd like the solos to be longer? 'Cuz I would, you know...

One thing that struck me was just how many people were in attendance last night. The Oakland Arena is *big*, ya'll...and it was totally full. People from all walks of life cheered their hearts out, but I noticed that there were several dance teams of young girls sitting near us. They were all sporting their studio's warm-up jackets. My sister commented that its really nice to see young girls looking up to classy dancers like Sabra, Lacey and Anya instead of idolizing Hollywood's crackwhores that forget their underwear, shave their heads on a whim, and snort coke off of toilet seats. There aren't nearly enough positive role models for girls today and I give huge kudos to the SYTYCD ladies that do right by their young fans. Cheers!

We were sitting too far back to get any decent pictures, but my memories of all the wonderful performances will hold me over...until next season.

Can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!!! YEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!

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