Monday, May 19, 2008

Things I learned this weekend

* I suck at skee ball, miniature golf and air hockey. DJC's company had an employee and family "fun night" here last Friday night. All the games we could handle from 8-11pm were on them. During the course of the night, DJC and I played half a round of mini-golf, did a go-kart race, played countless games of skee ball and two games of air hockey. The score of air hockey game one: DJC 7, me 0 (I actually won game two, but only by two goals. He killed me!). The funny thing is that I remember being pretty darn good at racking up the silly prize tickets as a kid. Last Friday, all our combined efforts scored us was one multi-colored bouncy ball and two braided plastic rings. I think we'll use them as engagement rings! LOL!

*Despite not being tied to the clock these days and really having nothing important to do, I still have NO patience at the grocery store. People seem to just meander around with no real plan and stop right in front of me. I, on the other hand, HATE the grocery store and do my best to get in and out of there as quickly as possible, with as few roadblocks as possible. Everyone in Trader Joe's yesterday had a different idea and I finally left DJC to finish the shopping after the fourth person bumped into me because they were looking the other way. I swear, a trip to the grocery store drives my blood pressure up to dangerous levels....

*Having lived in the same house for three years, I finally appreciate what the San Francisco fog bank can do to the temperatures. Last week, the mercury was in the high 90s. It was at least that hot in our house. There was zero breeze and, even worse, perfectly clear skies off of the coast. I was miserable, to say the least. On Saturday morning, the fog returned and since then the weather (at least in my little microclimate) has been positively lovely. According to, it's an almost chilly, overcast 57° right now. Muuuuuch more tolerable. =)

*After watching bits and pieces of the SYTYCD Season 3 marathon over the weekend, I am SOOOO much more excited for Season 4 than I thought! A little later, I plan to bring another post over from that other blog recapping my experience at the live show. Is it Thursday yet?!

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