Thursday, May 1, 2008

Best hockey names EVAR!!

Last weekend, DJC and I had dinner with LG and her hubby. They are in the process of trying to decide on a name for their future little guy and several options were discussed. Since then, I've been thinking about names. I've also been watching a ludicrous fair amount of hockey lately. My beloved Sharks managed to finally win a game to avoid elimination last night and in their honor, I thought I'd post a few of my fave hockey names:

1. Roman Hamrlik, defenseman, Montreal Canadiens. Possibly the toughest hockey name in all the land. Note to LG: the only time where the name "Roman" is acceptable is when a bad-ass last name like "Hamerlik" follows. (No offense. Your last name is better than mine!)

2. Radek Bonk, left wing, Nashville Predators. Bonk. Rad.

3. Miroslav Satan, left wing, New York Islanders. Granted, it's pronounced "Shuh-TAN" by most hockey announcers, but at first glance, it's "satan", plain and simple. I know Satan didn't get to choose what name appears on the back of his jersey, but every time I see him in a game, I'm reminded of the XFL and this guy:

4. Maxim Afinogenov, right wing, Buffalo Sabres. It just rollllls right off the tongue.

5. Travis Moen, winger, Anaheim Ducks. It might look like "MO-en", but hockey announcers pronounce it "Moan". Dubble rad!! Could you imagine the fun announcers would have with the Hamrlik/Bonk/Moen line?! My guess is not nearly as much as I just had. =P

The Dick Butkus award goes to Jody Shelley, Jordin Tootoo and Derek Boogaard. With names like those, is it any surprise that all three guys are known as their teams' enforcers? At 6'7"and 270 lbs, Boogaard will hand you your ass. Love it!

There are many, many more awesome ones, but these are the ones that always manage to make me chuckle a little. Did I leave out your fave? Leave it in the comments!


Amisk8er said...

omg... let me simply say that I by the time I was trying to rid myself of laughter following "Shuh-TAN", I was to weak to keep control, and simply closed the page upon reading Maxim Afinogenov. I lost it...

Anonymous said...

There's a host of great Finnish names in the NHL, too. They're wonderful names, just bouncing along happily: Saku Koivu, Jari Kurri, Teppo Numminen...

The Enforcer said...

Mmmm...Saku Koivu. SO dreamy, he is! =)

And I do love the Finnish names...all except for Teemu Selanne. ;)