Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday couch potato report

Ok kids, its time for the weekly round-up of your fave guilty pleasure TV shows. And when I say "your", I mean "my". ;)

First off, I tuned in to my very first episode of Dancing With the Stars last night. Could that show *BE* any lamer? Ugh. The dancing sucked, the band sung abhorrent covers of cheesy Top 40 songs, and I think one dude even tore part of his bicep during his "Latin" number. Imagine having to explain that one to the ER doc that sees you..."Well Doc, I was doing the cha-cha-cha and on the second pirouette before the dip, I felt it snap". LOL (On a serious note, it did look very painful and quite traumatic. I hope he's OK.)

My current favorite reality competition show is another VH-1 gem called "Miss Rap Supreme" (link in the sidebar). Genius, this show is. It features a whole bunch of "ladies" that aspire to be the next great female rapper. One of the contestants hails from Germany and English is not her first language. One can see how awesome the potential is with that one. Dubble LOL! And if someone could explain to me why it is that I find MC Serch so attractive, I'd be forever indebted.

I hate to say it, but I am very close to being OVER Lauren Conrad and her uber-whiny antics. Honey, LET IT GO! Bummer, too. I used to have a reckless love for The Hills and now Lauren's schtick is just old and tired. She needs to smile, and above all else, stop waiting for good things to just fall in her lap. I'm tired of seeing her mopey face. And its so painfully obvious that everything Lauren and company do is scripted, despite The Hills being marketed as a "reality" show. Meh.

Lastly, with the addition of digital cable in our household came a ton of new channels, like the NHL Network, which I've raved about previously, and another gem called Music in HD. This channel features live performances of some of today's (and yesterday's) hottest musicians. Yesterday, I caught a re-run of Pearl Jam's version of VH-1's Storytellers. I'm not ashamed to admit that I sang along with nearly every song. I love Pearl Jam. I don't care what anyone says about how weird Eddie Vedder is. "Alive" will always be one of my favorite songs. Later that same day, I watched a little of Snoop Dogg's Storytellers special. It was amazing. Needless to say, I'm in love with this channel.

The Sharks play game 3 of their mediocre series with Dallas tonight. I say "mediocre" when really I mean "totally effing PATHETIC". They've yet to win a game. Dallas isn't even that good! At least the game is in HD. Watching hockey on the non-HD channel just doesn't cut it anymore. Spoiled, I am.

On that note, I just realized that I have been blogging about watching WAAAAY too much TV. I've gotta go outside and do something...like...NOW. =)

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