Monday, April 28, 2008


This weekend, DJC actually talked me into a trip to a place that he considers Heaven on Earth: City Beer Store in San Francisco. Not familiar? Check it out. Most times he wants to go, I mention how I can't stand beer and blah blah blah. But on Saturday, the weather was warm and a cold beer sounded good. I couldn't turn him down. Nevermind the fact that we hadn't eaten at all. We'd just get the cheese plate there! And beer is like bread anyways, right? ;)

Well, here's what we got for our $6.50 (beers not included):

(click to enlarge and witness the ridiculousness for yourselves)

There you have it. Four of the tiniest slices of cheese known to mankind, six slices of bread, ten salty (but delicious) almonds, and a small handful of dried fruit. So edgy! So hip! So avant garde! And for all the smack I just talked, soooooo yummy! We settled on two cheeses to try: Cowgirl Creamery's Mt. Tam, which tasted like creamy butter, and Jasper Hill Farm's Winnimere. Oh my stars, if getting my hands on more of this delectable cheese wasn't so difficult, I'd be in bad shape, physically speaking.

While the meager cheese plate did little to fill us up, the beers we consumed filled in all of the remaining empty places in our tummies. It was a good day.

Here's the beer wall (which still doesn't cover what they offer, because I couldn't get the two refrigerators or the taps in the shot) and the building that City Beer is in:


Don't say that I never included any pics for you beer or architecture whores. =)

Later that same night, we met up with LG and hubby for dinner at Fellini. Normally, I love this place. Great Italian food, a decent wine selection that won't break the bank, cute decor and lots of parking! FREE PARKING! In Berkeley! I know!!!

But Saturday night, the food was It wasn't bad enough to warrant placement on DJC's restaurant shit list, but it wasn't the best we've ever had there, either. I wonder what LG thinks...

And now that I've been writing about food and beer for a while, I'm hungry. Off to the kitchen to find something to calm the rumblings...

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Anonymous said...

I didnt think it was terrible but it didnt knock my socks off. the caprese salad could have used some ripe tomatoes though. my pizza was pretty tasty though. i think we might have felt differently if some vino was involved? -LG