Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Next up: Dallas Stars

Let's see...where to start?

Game 7 last night...Sharks vs. Flames for all the marbles (well, all of the first-round marbles). AMAZING. I swear, DJC and I yelled SO loudly that I'm sure our neighbors hate us.

Here's my latest Bleacher Report article.

When the Sharks acquired Jeremy Roenick, I was quick to jump all over the old guy. He did come out of retirement, after all. Its not like he was some youngster with speed and agility...

...or so I thought.

After last night's superhuman efforts, I am a Roenick loving FOOL! GO #27! And remember this?

Not only is he a great hockey player, but he seems to have (*gulp*) rhythm. Who knew! And I gotta love a guy who just doesn't take himself seriously at all. (love the spotlight in the vid! Hilarious!)

JR, call me! We'll go cut a rug! =)

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Amisk8er said...

wow, that really IS awesome, f-ing I remember playing NHL '94 for super nintendo back in the dizzle-day... the big names were: Jeremy Roenick, Steve Yzerman, Paul Coffey, Brodeur, Mario Lemieux, Sergei Federov, (trying NOT to name only Red Wings players, but they were my fav. team in that game, along with the penguins). Anyway, just wanted to give my props to the whole hockey thing, it's the 1 sport I respect the most in this world, honestly, over soccer...