Monday, April 21, 2008

I definitely smell what Barack is cookin'!

I have a dirty little secret. I love the WWE. Actually, I love wrestling in general. Although I don't watch it anymore, I used to live and die by it as a kid. In Plano, Texas, wrestling was religion and I was a devoted follower of the Church of the Body Slam. I'd wake up early to watch it every Sunday morning, much to my father's disliking. In the early 80s, the only things hotter than the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were the Von Erich brothers:

Oh, how I loved Kerry Von Erich. He's the one with the heinously awesome mullet on the left in the pic. My dad took me to meet him once at an electronics store where he was doing an appearance. As a silly, 10 year-old kid, I swooned. He was as sweet as could be and I just liked the way he moved in the ring (BT, I know you'll understand what I mean!). After my family left Texas, I lost track of the mighty Von Erich clan.

Then, out of nowhere, about ten years later, Kerry Von Erich showed up in the WWF (before the World Wildlife Federation wanted their acronym back) as the Texas Tornado. He looked older and way more freakishly tan, but still the same. Then, mysteriously, he dropped out of sight. Time moved on and although I continued to follow the WWF and later, the WWE, I never really thought much about Kerry Von Erich. It was only recently that I learned that almost every single Von Erich had died from a drug overdose or had committed suicide. Sad, really.

And now that we're finished with my self-indulgent walk down memory lane, let me get to the goods.

Earlier tonight, DJC and I were watching the evening news and saw this gem:

Apparently, all three presidential hopefuls will be on the WWE's RAW tonight, going after the everyday man's vote. The best part of this video? Barack Obama's schpeel, followed closely by John McCain's run at wrestling humor. HillRod, though? FAIL.

"Do you smell what Barack is cookin'?" and "Whatcha gonna do when John McCain and all his McCain-iacs run wild all over you?" Are you kidding me?! GENIUS!

And please note Obama's amazing smirk after he delivers his line. SO proud of himself, he is. Freaking awesome. DJC and I both laughed out loud.

Best.Promo.Spots.EVAR!! Enjoy! =)