Monday, April 21, 2008

Stuff from around the way...

As a former diver, this totally cracked me up.

What? It's Monday morning, I'm still jobless, the Sharks lost last night, and I have to go to an interview today at the EDD to prove that I've been looking for work. I needed a silly, harmless laugh, OK?!? Hee-hee! =)

In other news, damn it, ITS TRUE!! I totally love New Balance running shoes, although my reasons have less to do with Nike's sweatshops and more to do with the fact that Nikes just DO NOT fit human feet. I implore you to find a single person on this Earth who wears Nikes because they actually fit or feel good on his or her feet. Damn you, Air Jordan, for making inferior footwear so popular amongst the masses of teenage hip-hoppers and amateur thugs who will spend hundreds of dollars on one pair, but then cannot afford a simple belt to hold up their sagging pants. Damn you, indeed! But I digress...

When you meet a person wearing New Balance shoes it is a good idea to ask them about the marathon for which they are inevitably training. If they say “I’m not training for a marathon,” this is a good opportunity to raise your status by saying “oh, I thought only runners wore those. My running club all wear New Balance except for a few jerks who won’t shut up about Asics. I’m still a bit sore from the 10k run this morning.”
And ya know what? I like Asics, too. Both Asics and New Balance are very good shoes for people with feet that tend to me. But again, I digress. The above paragraph is just awesomely hilarious. Raise your status... AAAHAHAHAHA!

Go out there and have a great Monday! Cheers to ya! =)

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Ryno said...

I must have weird feet. NBs just about killed me both times I tried them. Avias were my eventual choice of running shoes. As for Nikes, they are my choice for cleats. And I have been dragged out of retirement once again to coach a team this spring, so later this week I will be cleat-deep in rain or possibly snow. Yay! That was a hopeful yay, not a truly sincere yay.