Monday, April 7, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year

That's right kids. It's PLAYOFFS time again in the NHL, which means the hockey season will last another 3 months, at the very least! YAY! And since the Sharks have been kicking ass lately, you can bet I'm totally thrilled about their chances to take it all this year. DJC has already started growing his playoff beard.

I've been busy writing over at Bleacher Report. Here's a link to my profile, which also has all of my articles listed. If you're really that into hockey, check 'em out. I'll try my best to keep my hockey ramblings confined to that site and to not bore you all with them here anymore. I know no one loves the silly sport as much as I do...

I'll probably be writing lots more both here and there in the future. As of today, I have 0 interviews lined up and lots of free time. Ugh.

Happy Monday! =)

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