Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday, I had my acrylic nails removed. I've had them on for quite some time and had gotten VERY used to not having to worry about polish chips and the like. But with unemployment comes a need to cut costs wherever I can, and clearly, the nails were a frivolous expense that I just couldn't justify. So off they came. And I have to say, as stubby as my hands look now, it's nice to have my fingertips back. Last night, during back to back episodes of The Hills, I painted my newly chopped (and very short!) nails a shade of deep red. I had tried to tell myself earlier in the night that I would just let them breathe for a bit with no polish. But when The Hills started and I saw everyone's nicely manicured hands, I couldn't resist. I knew it was gonna happen, too. Damn you, Lauren Conrad and your perfectly polished nails!

When we brought home our new flat panel TV, I knew we'd need to upgrade our basic analog cable as well. Digital, and especially HD, is SOOOO nice! And there are all these extra channels I never knew existed!! Like the NHL Live network. All hockey, all the time! Who could ask for more! Last night, DJC and I watched the highlights of the 1991 Campbell Conference finals between the Minnesota North Stars and the Edmonton Oilers. I've never seen such amazing haircuts in all of my life and current Dallas Stars standout Mike Modano was only 20 then! In fine fashion, I found myself rooting for the underdog North Stars by the end of the second game. (Ok, Ok, I know I said I'd try to confine my hockey ramblings to Bleacher Report, but my NHL Live excitement knows no bounds. It's like when Bear found the History Channel. All war, all the time!)

In my search for a new job, a good friend has offered to help. He knows a big wig at a well-known company and said big wig has offered to submit my resume to HR on my behalf. While this may seem great on the surface, I'm actually really scared of this whole situation. I'm not exactly...how shall I say it...qualified to do anything at this well-known company and I'm afraid my good friend, in his well-intended, incredibly thoughtful effort to help, has oversold my capabilities. I don't want to submit my resume and cover letter to the big wig, only to have him read it and laugh at my lack of qualifications, thereby putting a strain on his professional relationship with my friend. It's seriously stressing me out...

Lastly, I've thought about re-posting some of my favorite entries that I did in the past. What do you all think of this idea? Of course, these posts will have no identifiers and no names included. But reading through some of my old stuff, I've written some semi-decent stuff that I don't want to get lost in the transition. Your thoughts?

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Arvay said...

Women have a common flaw of underselling themselves and underestimating their own abilities. If your friend was willing to put his reputation on the line for you, it's probably because your skills are worth something. :)