Thursday, April 3, 2008


So, here I sit at 10:10am on a Thursday, in my pajamas and slippers, wearing my glasses, hair a mess, zero makeup. SO glamorous is the life of the recently unemployed! Glamorous and weird. Not having to get up when DJC does (or before him!) is strange. And although I miss the little things, like the free perks, I'm realizing there are a few positives here as well:

1. I can totally drive like an asshole now that I am not driving a vehicle with the company's phone number plastered all over it.
2. I got really used to checking e-mails from my PDA at all hours. I was so connected and attached. I could reach out and connect with anyone at any time of day no matter where I was and more annoyingly, my coworkers could do the same. And they did. At like 1am. It's nice to not have a data plan with my new cell phone. I kinda like being unplugged.
3. I can do pretty much anything now for a paycheck. Although my skills are geared towards one particular industry, I don't need to stay in that industry. Its fun to look at random jobs.
4. I have time to write for Bleacher Report. Here's my first article. Some of you who read my stuff religiously might recognize this old post. I thought it was relevant and I didn't want it to get lost in the internet void. I think I'll be writing another article soon. It's pretty intimidating, though...

It's also nice to be able to meet up with friends for lunch and only have to worry about their schedule. Time, although still very much a factor in terms of money, isn't really a concern of mine. I just look at the clock every now and then to see how long until DJ comes home...

So very glamorous, no? ;)


Ryno said...

Great look, great concept, great attitude. It's good to have you back. Have fun!!

Amisk8er said...

YAY ENFORCER! well, i just wanted to say congrats on writing for Bleacher Report! I read your article on Hockey needing media attention, and I even commented!!! WOW! thanx for all the ankle help... ttysoon! ;-)