Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend mental shenanigans

On Thursday afternoon, after possibly the most entertaining and simultaneously scary psychology class I have ever attended, I headed across campus to get the lowdown on Drug Dose Calculations. The professor gave me copious written materials, a syllabus and...a math review pre-test, sans calculators. Really?! No calculators?! How archaic!!! When I saw the pre-test, my blood pressure SHOT up about 20 points.

You see, I have a confession. Despite having graduated from one of the top public universities in the nation, I cannot do basic arithmetic. Like, at all. Embarrassing, I know. As I quickly scanned the page, the problems literally made me panic. I briefly considered the fact that maybe this required class was a deal-breaker and that this wasn't the nursing school for me. When I expressed my concern, the professor ensured me that people generally do well in this class and that I really shouldn't worry. Ha, I thought...those people can probably remember how to do a long division problem or how to work with mixed numbers. Me, on the other hand, not so much. And scanning over the syllabus, I saw that the first exam was in five days! HOLY SHIT!! I was close to calling it quits...

But, at the professor's urging, I ordered the book and the CD, paid an assload to have them shipped overnight, and gave it a shot. And you know what, I *did* remember how to do most of the stuff. The CD provided a decent refresher and I was able to work through the first three assignments with minimal struggle. I'm still not totally at ease and there are some things that I definitely need to work on, but actually trying and being able to do the problems was a huge confidence booster. From the time the book arrived on Friday afternoon until about 2pm yesterday, I busted my ass.

Saturday afternoon, DJC decided we needed to go out to grab something to eat. He took me to Jupiter and we sat out in the sun, drank beer (Anderson Valley Summer Solstice on tap!) and ate delicious pizza. For the first time since I realized I had missed the first day of class, I was able to relax and actually enjoy myself. The sun felt amazing, the beer was cold and refreshing and the company couldn't have been better. And just like that, all was well again. I felt calm, confident and ready to tackle this class to the best of my abilities. DJC's good like that. Most times, he knows exactly how to mellow me out when I'm close to losing it.

I also forgot to add that after much searching, we finally found a store in the east bay that carries our new fave pinot. DJC called up the warehouse in Berkeley and sure enough, they had six bottles of Undone pinot noir from Germany on hand. After our lovely day in the sun, we quickly rushed over to snag all six. We first tried this delicate pinot at Marc 49 in Oakland and instantly fell in love. If you like pinot, you must give this stuff a try. Its definitely different from other pinots in that it is aged in stainless steel tanks and is much lighter in color, btut don't be scared off by those things. Undone is delicious and I'm so happy we found it! In fact, DJC ordered an entire case from the folks! YAY!

For now, its back to work for me! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Have a great week!


Arvay said...

What is a mixed number? Chee-rist!

The Enforcer said...

Arvay: EXACTLY! I haven't seen some of this stuff since grade school. Waking up the area of my brain where all the basic math mumbo-jumbo is stored was difficult, to say the least. Give me a differential equation any day of the week!

Miss E. said...

Who the heck remembers 5th grade math, except of course, the fifth grade teacher required to teach it? But as you figured out, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I am quite adept at learning fifth grade math right before I teach it...ugh. Don't tell my school!

LoveBadReality said...

So embarrasing, I taught 6th math, and some 7th for years. I had to do my homework, I mean, going through those teacher's editions like nobody's bidness...Hours I tell you, to avoid stupid comments like, "I don't get it," and parents stopping by in the morning telling me they spent three hours on math homework with their kids....uhhhh huh! The mind is an amazing tool with shit like that, you just forget, survival I guess. Science sticks, because it all connects somehow, multiplying fractions and FOIL can go suck it!
Do not worry your pretty head Nurse Jayne, you will kick ass, like you always do!