Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 hours I will never get back

Ooooooh, I'm in a bad mood, y'all. I just wasted three hours in a stuffy choir room full of understandably agitated people and one professor who thinks the world revolves around him. I hate nothing more than for my time to be so blatantly wasted as it was earlier this morning. Here's a full run-down of how today's installment of Psychology 128 went. Hang on tight, because this was one ri-goddamn-diculous ride...

9:37am: Show up for class in stuffy choir room. Find seat. Resume studying for exam that is scheduled to happen during today's class. Class begins at 9:40am.
9:55am: Dr. Cromartie walks in. He informed us during the first class that he is to be addressed ONLY as Dr. Cromartie, because that's the relationship that he has with his students. Well, la di dah, Doctor.
10am: After much paper shuffling, Dr. Cromartie calls roll. This takes an inordinate amount of time because the only answers he will accept when your name is called are "present" or "here". You'd think that it wouldn't be that difficult, but for some people it is. He will continue to call your name until you say either "present or here". This can take a while.
10:20am: Dr. Cromartie calls us up in groups of 10 to turn in our homework assignments. These consist of two written summaries of videos that we were to watch outside of the class. He gave us a very strict set of formatting rules for these summaries. If the rules were not followed, he informs us that the summaries will be returned in order for corrections to be made and re-submitted during the following week's class. As I watched group after group attempt to turn in their work, I noticed that he gave nearly every single person their papers back for corrections.
10:45am: I am called up. I thought I had done the assignment properly and looked forward to receiving comments on my thoughtful analysis of the videos. Unfortunately, I had included a colon in the title of each of my summaries. He circled the colons and handed my papers back. After this spectacle, I'm fairly certain that he'll never read the summaries to see if we're actually learning any of the material. He's only concerned with whether or not we're capable of conforming to his silly formatting rules. I'm tempted to insert a paragraph in my next summary with all sorts of curse words and personal insults just to see if he does read them. Needless to say, I was pissed. Not only had over AN HOUR of classtime passed, we hadn't yet taken the exam and I could see no end in sight to this paper correcting business. Out of 78 students, he took 8 people's work. Wow.
11:17am: The assignment butchering extravaganza ends. Whew, I thought. At least we still had a little over an hour to complete the exam. Plenty of time. Then, Dr. Cromartie simply walked out of the stuffy choir room. He didn't say where he was going, he just left. After about 15 minutes, I scanned the room for hidden cameras hoping that this class is actually just one big psychology experiment and that Dr. Cromartie would publish his findings at the end of the summer. There could be no other explanation for him leaving us all in the room with nothing to do for close to FORTY MINUTES!!

HOLY SHIT UPDATE: Michael Jackson died today?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Dude, the Thriller album came out when I was like 6 or 7 and I instantly loved it. After all these years I STILL frickin' love it. Even though he was a freaky alleged child molester, his music rocked the world and turned it upside down. RIP, King of Pop. You will be missed. (this deserves its own post...and I'll get there, believe you me)

Now back to your regularly scheduled rant...

11:59am: Dr. Cromartie strolls back in with two stacks of papers like he hasn't just been MIA for forty minutes. He passes out one stack and then complains that the papers are not being handed around quickly enough. We look...its not the exam. It is a 3 page extra credit assignment, complete with one full page of formatting instructions. He picks a student in the front row to read the instructions in their entirety...aloud. The whole time I'm thinking FML. EFF! EMM! ELL!
12:02pm: We finally get the exam. For those who have done their reading and have watched the stupid videos, this "exam" is not really that difficult. But I can imagine that for some people in the class, you know, the ones who have an issue with roll call, 28 minutes might not be enough time.
12:28pm: I hand in my exam and scantron and leave, absolutely fuming.

For someone who is SO fucking crazy about us coming to class prepared and on time, this asshole made us wait for 40 minutes while he went to xerox the exams because they weren't ready. And then he made announcement after announcement DURING the exam time! I honestly expected someone to jump out of the music storage area to let us all know that we were on Candid Camera and that they were waiting to see who would crack first (hint: it wasn't me). I hate when my time is wasted like that. I mean really, couldn't we have taken the exam FIRST, turn in our papers for him to correct outside of class and call it a day? Wouldn't that make much more sense? Seriously.


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Are you serious? If I did that I would be fired?!?!

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Seriously, this dude should be fired. I hope someone in administration will listen to this. What a pile of donkey crap!