Saturday, March 28, 2009

The beginning of the end?

The other day, it hit me. The career path I've chosen isn't exactly on the cutting edge of fashion. Most likely, I will be stuck in scrubs and running shoes or some sort of tennis shoe on a daily basis. Worst case scenario depending on where I chose to work, it'll be some sort of plastic shoe that can easily be hosed off or disinfected (read: anything but Crocs. I refuse to submit. REFUSE, I say!). No more 4" heels of fabulousity during work hours. Soon, my fragile ankles and arches will no longer be able to tolerate a night of dancing in anything but my suede Pumas. This whole thing is really bumming me out!

The other day, I sat with my collection of beautiful shoes and gave them a good dusting. Yes, that's right...they sit, unused, day after day, collecting *dust*. It pained me so. Online, I recently came across a pair of Circa Joan & David t-strap gold and brown peep toe heels that were selling for the bargain price of $27.99, shipping included. They usually retail for $140. I couldn't resist. Here they are:

Oh, I love them. And then I thought, where am I going to wear these? Jeff would say, "Hello!? Grocery shopping!", and as hot as that sounds, I have about as much use for these shoes as I do for the trusty Trainer's Angel. At dinner the other night, a friend asked if my Uggs (yes, I wore them to dinner) were actually slippers. I've never been so embarrassed of my footwear choice! The Counselor, too, called me out on my Ugg-wearing at jury duty, although in my defense, the point is to look as disheveled and irresponsible as possible, thereby convincing the lawyers not to select me for their jury. See how that works? ;)

Because I don't really have a reason to dress up these days and with my future career in nursing, I have to ask, is it possible that I'm losing my sense of style? I *am* currently wearing sweatpants, for crying out loud. Don't believe me? Think I'm bluffing? Peep this, bitches:

Yeah, that's right. Keepin' it classy. Yes, these are the very same sweats that I wore during my bathtub caulking extravaganza and the remnants of my epic fail can still be seen there on the left leg. Is it all over for me? The way I figure, as long as I FULLY renoucnce the evil Crocs, there's still hope for me. But, bloody hell, I'm in some serious fashion dire straits.

In an attempt to avoid completely taking up residence in Frumpville, I did wear a dress and the above shoes to meet DJC for lunch on Friday. He looked surprised, but complimented my appearance and made me blush a little. It felt nice to hear that I can still pull it off when I want to. The problem is that I just don't really want to anymore. Weird.


Arvay said...

Oh, c'mon now! The slippers thing wasn't a comment on the fashionable-ness... It was a comment on how surprisingly unpainful your accidentally stepping on her toe was! :)

Arvay said...

By the way, your calves look awesome. Looks like you've been quite busy at the gym!

The Enforcer said...

Aww, thanks! Nice to hear, definitely. =)

Here's the funny thing about my ever-muscular legs...
I can put in very minimal work and build muscle like I'm training for a weight lifting contest. My legs never get slimmer, they just get bigger, more thunderous, and stronger.

I used to think it was a good thing until my pointe teacher singled me out one day, tapped my leg at the barre and said, "See everyone...don't do what she's done". Yeah. (I secretly think my legs still look pretty good, though...hee-hee!)