Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where technology pisses me off

I hate Twitter. I hate the word "Twitter". I hate that people subscribing to each other's "tweets" (which is a word I totally hate) aren't called "friends" but "followers". I hate that some of my actual friends have linked their stupid Twitter accounts with their Facebook accounts, such that anytime they "tweet" (Oh God, I can feel the chunks rising), their Facebook status has a bunch of random @ and # signs in the text, making the update completely unreadable. And I especially HATE that Twitter seems to be everywhere lately. Everyone who's anyone has a Twitter account with numerous followers. Some people tweet (barf!) four to five times a day to update their followers on every aspect of their incredibly important lives. I just think the whole thing is incredibly lame and way more self- indulgent than traditional blogs. I refuse to jump on board.

That is all.

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