Thursday, February 5, 2009


There are a few shoe designers that I am extremely partial to. Beverly Feldman is one of them. Her shoes are quirky, unexpected, and unique, while still being very wearable. Normally, her inventory is priced just slightly out of the range of what I can justify or afford, but every now and then I get a glorious email announcing a sale. Today, I got a big one with "UP TO 75% OFF!" as the title! Yeeeee!!! Shoes!!! I can feel my heart rate increasing!!

I clicked through, browsed the offerings and picked out four pairs I desperately wanted before coming to grips with the fact that I don't have a job and I need another pair of shoes like I need another hole in my head. I mean, I need these when most of my daily activities involve slogging through the campus of the local junior college:

The hard truth is no. But damn it, my birthday is coming up soon, and I really, reallly, REALLY love these:

Holy shit, they are beautiful. But they might be a little much for a pharmacology class. But even if the first two pairs are pretty over the top, there are these, which are understated, classic and easily wearable:

You see my dilemma. What's a jobless, junior -college-attending shoe whore to do?! Maybe I will treat myself. My birthday is coming up, after all, and everyone deserves pretty things that make them happy on their birthday!!

(See what I'm trying to do, there? I'm trying to convince myself that I need, naaah, deserve a new pair of frivolous shoes. I'll keep you posted on what happens!)

If you're in the market for a new pair of funky shoes, hit up Miss Beverly's site. She won't let you down!


onthemountain said...

does 2minutes for roughing it mean anyway?

At home, no job, bruised tailbone, no life, no man, no prospects, but yes, there is 2minutes. Love the Kingpin story. Where do you find this stuff? Simply wonderful.

The Enforcer said...

2:00 for roughing is actually a penalty in my beloved game of hockey. What constitutes roughing is up for debate as it varies from game to game (depending on the refs for that game too). I've seen "roughing" called for a simple shoulder bump where no obvious harm was caused, all the way up to an actual fight that the refs didn't feel like calling a fight. Roughing is basically anything that is out of my blog. You get called for roughing, you sit in the penalty box for two minutes.

And this concludes today's hockey lecture... ;)

JZ, I love ya. All those things you listed, and I still think you kick MAJOR ass. Live it up, girl. I'm also sitting at home with no job, but I've got a pulled hip flexor instead...