Monday, September 22, 2008

Ok, WTF?!

Calling Arvay, BT, possibly Mr. Wombat...EXPLAIN.

/me cocks head sideways and sports a seriously vacant look

I don't...get it.


Arvay said...

Just what it says... squares A and B are the same color, and you can put the photo into an editing software, cut a bit of one, and paste it onto the other, to prove it. It's only the placement, contrast, and context that fool us into thinking that A is darker than B. :)

The Enforcer said...

OK, so,last night we loaded it into Photoshop and proved that the colors were indeed the same. I didn't think about contrast, though.

Obviously, the placement of the square has ALOT to do with why my brain thinks that the two colors are different. It's like the vase/face thingy...Optical illusions always get me.

Arvay said...

My favorite optical trick is eschers staircases!

The Enforcer said...

OMG, I LOVE Escher. His staircases are amazing. Actually, all of his stuff is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party, but yeah, these things are amazing. One thing you can do to sort of convince yourself that your brain is indeed playing tricks is to squint really hard. The darker middle gets MUCH darker when you do that and realize your brain is definitely making it appear differently than what your eyes are taking in.

I also love Escher. Who doesn't?