Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics Overload?

This weekend, I've watched bits and pieces of:

- Rowing
- Volleyball (Men's and women's indoor and beach)
- Softball
- Basketball (Men's and women's...and oddly, I didn't hate it! I KNOW!!)
- Gymnastics (Speak your mind, Bela! Tell it like it is!! The women's vault finals were bullshit!! You got robbed, Alicia!!)
- Trampoline (tramampampoline!)
- LOTS of boxing
- Women's marathon
- Swimming (MICHAEL PHELPS, MICHAEL PHELPS' MOTHER, MICHAEL PHELPS' LIFE STORY, and countless interviews. I swear, they could give this guy his own channel and never run out of material. NBC LOVES talking about him! ALL PHELPS, ALL THE TIME!)
- Diving
- Men's and women's track and field (Usain Bolt! Damn, I'd love to see that guy *finish* a race at 100% instead of pulling up with 15 meters to go because he was smoking the hell out of everyone)
- Fencing
- HANDBALL (Are you kidding me?!?! It's like water polo...on land...and not nearly as cool. I'm still amazed that they hand out medals for this. Laaaaame.)
- Men's field hockey (???? Seriously.)
- Men's water polo
- Weightlifting

Perhaps I need to get off of the couch. Ya think? ;)

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Miss E. said...

The women's softball was PAINFUL! I just felt so bad for the other teams who barely stand a chance against the US team. It was 9-0 in the first inning against China and the US went through their batting line-up once plus. The first pitcher pitched half the approximate number of pitches in the first inning that men's baseball pitches in a nine inning game. Yikes. Apparently, there will be no softball in 2012 for this reason. Internationally, softball is not big enough. Ya think!