Thursday, August 7, 2008

Even though I said...

...that SYTYCD is dead to me (after Will left), I have to admit that, yes, I'm still watching. In the interest of keeping the blog free of my dance ramblings, I figured I'd save all my comments about the show for BSYTYCD, where I knew I'd be in the company of people just as looney as I am about dance. But, unexpectedly and unfortunately but understandably, Ted shut BSYTYCD down recently. So here I am again, posting about a show that is supposedly dead to me. Fancy that.

Anyways, tonight the winner of season 4 is crowned (and I promise...not another word about SYTYCD will grace the pages of this blog...until next season). For me, last night's show was kinda ho-hum intermixed with some moments of brilliance. Case in point:

(Let the whole thing load and then skip to 1:50...that's where the fun stuff starts. A season-long thanks goes to kelxk3l for uploading all the great videos!)

Just look at those toe-touches. Holy smokes. Fantastic display of athleticism from both Joshua and Twitch. I have to say though, I hope Twitch takes it. I know he's a super-duper long shot, but Nigel was right (for once) when he said that no one can entertain like Twitch. If he doesn't take it all, I'd be cool with Joshua winning it. The height of those toe-touches alone should merit some kind of award.

And although this is a very entertaining and fun departure from the usual SYTYCD styles (thank god there was no disco last night!), KezRad pointed me to this example of what a true trepak should be. Very cool. Thanks for the tip! =)

In any case, it's all over tonight. And just in time, too! If I had to choose between the Olympics or SYTYCD, the Olympics would win hands down, no matter what sport happens to be on (yes, even weightlifting...hee-hee!) =)


Miss E. said...

Weee! I stopped watching and pretty much just read your highlights. I think the Russian doing the spinny thing about half way through the dance is pretty impressive. He's like a top flying through the air. I also am SOOO excited for the Olympics. Bring it!

The Enforcer said...

w00t for Joshua!! YAY! =)