Saturday, July 5, 2008

Russell Crowe would not wear these

I have a burning confession to make. As a self-proclaimed shoe whore, I'm not afraid to say that I HATE the gladiator sandal trend. My good god almighty, they are ugly...and they're everywhere. It's kinda like the skinny jean trend but worse, because some people were smart enough to know that skinny jeans were heinous and shouldn't be worn. Not so with the gladiator sandal. Everyone seems to want to give these a go.

Not familiar with this unbelievably ridiculous trend? Here...take a gander:

I liken these to the Crocs phenomenon. Someone, somewhere publicly stated that Crocs, despite being designed by the Devil himself, were stylish and cool. Suddenly, Crocs were EVERYWHERE. High falutin ladies that carried small dogs in Burberry bags wore them with pride. They showed up at Nordstrom, for crying out loud! It was bad. Thankfully, Crocs' popularity has waned a bit, but I can't help think that the gladiator sandal has picked up where Crocs left off. Why are gladiator sandals cool? Because someone high up in the fashion world said they are, and because the majority of the public cannot decide for themselves, that's why. I see nothing attractive about them. And can one really get away with wearing them sans toga?

Ok, Ok. So, Russell Crowe might have worn these...but only for one movie and was a period piece! I really don't see where these fit in with today's current fashion.

Now, don't get me wrong. If I were forced to choose between leather strappy sandals or plastic insults to proper footwear, I'd choose the former any day. But, I still hate them. On everyone. In every style. Hopefully, they'll soon fade away into the annals of fashion, never to be heard from again. But until then, people, just say no to this silly trend. Like the skinny jean. Just walk away. Kthnxbai!

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Arvay said...

Those are hideous!