Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hey! Did you know?!

Season 5 of Project Runway premiers on Wednesday of this week, at 9pm, on Bravo. Yeah, I didn't know, either. Had I not been watching my DVR'd episodes of Shear Genius and caught one of Bravo's silly little ads, I might have missed the season all together. Even with the ads, there is very little fanfare for the new season. Designers and drama moments from past seasons were featured, with not one little snippet of any of the new designers. What gives, Bravo?

There's been a fair amount of talk as to why Bravo has chosen to not promote the latest installment as much as previous seasons (or at all, for that matter) and the cool folks at Blogging Project Runway have done an excellent job of wrangling the best conspiracy theories the 'net has to offer into one post. Scandalous, I tell you! (Hi Laura! Hi T-Bone! Hi Scarlett!)

I'm mildly excited about the new season, but there is one GLARING problem. Bravo has chosen to run their flagship reality show an hour earlier this time around. Normally, that would be just fine by me as I like to get to bed kinda early on week nights. BUT, the 9pm start time now puts my fave fashion show in direct competition with my fave dance show, and that's not OK. Thank goodness for the least now I can watch PR without all the lame commercials and without missing a single pirouette or grande jeté. Without that piece of technology, I'd be forced to choose...and that's just not fair. In this age of excess, I want it all! (insert greedy hand-wringing here)

Anyways, I guess I'll be tuning in. I plan to put about as much energy into watching the show as Bravo put into promoting it. Whoop.

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Laura K said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Enforcer!