Saturday, June 28, 2008

A VERY brief movie review: WALL-E

OMG, LOVED IT! In the near future, I will post a full review that includes the following:

*Axiom's similarity to Freeside from William Gibson's novel Neuromancer

*The similarity between WALL-E and Johnny 5 from the 80's movie Short Circuit (although that's probably been covered already by, well, everyone)

*Pixar tackling the tough, non-kid friendly topic of what it makes humans (and robots) human

*Ariel's (from The Little Mermaid) cave of human treasures and how it compares to WALL-E's "house" and his collection

*All of the wonderfully clever "2001: A Space Odyssey" references

*The endearing love story that actually made me cry. LOL. I know!

So yeah, I'll be back soon and we'll discuss. In the meantime, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. You won't be disappointed...

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