Thursday, June 26, 2008

SYTYCD needs something Tabitha, Napoleon and Sonya!

From a seemingly endless sea of mediocrity (read: last night's SYTYCD) comes this gem:

(Note: let the whole thing load and then skip to about 2:34. That's where the dancing starts. Up until that point, its all fluff and frou-frou. Thanks again to kelxk3l!)

And not a moment too soon, either! Even though I hate this song with the fire of a thousand suns, I am totally in love with this piece. And up until it came along, it was the only one of the night I really felt belonged on the show. I was worried that every dance from last night's show was going to totally fall flat and leave me feeling "meh". Chelsie and Mark brought tons of emotion to Tabitha and Napoleon's solid choreography, making it the best dance of the night for me.

It's weird. I don't know what's up with this season, but so far, I can only remember two or three really great numbers. Making the AMAZING dancers look even more amazing should be a slam dunk. I know I'm not gonna win any popularity contests by saying this, but I have to look at the choreographers. Case in point: Normally solid Tyce Diorio cranked out a lackluster, nay, boring number to Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People". I LOVE that song. I wanted the choreography to hit hard. It didn't. I wanted it to be raw and intense and dirty, like the song. It was none of those things. I was bummed. And, so help me, if I have to see one more Doriana Sanchez disco number, I might give up on the show all together.

I did, however, enjoy new choreographer Sonya Tayeh's contemporary effort. Quirky. Interesting. New. Unique. All of those things are what the show needs now. In it's fourth season, the producers can't expect us to still be wowed by the same disco number that we saw in season one.

There are a million awesome new choreographers out there that I'm sure would love to be a part of SYTYCD. If a fifth season is to be, the producers need to find these people and beg and plead for them to lend their talents to the show. Otherwise, I fear that the public will get tired of seeing the same dances again and again. I know I'm already half-way there.

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lucky_girl said...

Ok, you've officially got me watching SYTYCD now and I absolutely could not agree more re: the Bleeding Love routine (although I didnt hate the song). It almost brings tears to my eyes to see it again. Unbelievably choreographed and executed. Bravo!