Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spins and hang-ups

I've had a rough day so far. Last night, an extremely annoying, high-pitched buzzing sound started (source unidentified as of yet) across the street and has not yet stopped. The background noise of the daily goings on has all but drowned it out, but I can still hear it. It made sleeping last night *very* difficult.

While tossing and turning at around 5am, I had one of the worst episodes of vertigo I've had in a long time. Normally, I can stop the spinning by focusing my eyes and just trying to relax. But, it was dark and I had no visual reference points. So, I freaked...which, of course, totally made it worse. Thank goodness for DJC's ability to snap out of a deep sleep and calm me down. I totally blame the high-pitched buzzing for triggering the return of my vertigo. That's fair, right? LOL.

Anyways, I popped a wussy 2mg valium to quell the spinning and set up a little couch fort. A program called "Journey into Amazing Caves" on the MOJO channel (LOVE, btw!) kept me occupied until the valium kicked in. Then, no matter how I fought it, I had to sleep. I crashed until about 10am, when I awoke to the same high-pitched buzzing. I've been extremely groggy, grumpy and fuzzy-headed ever since.

So, it is any surprise that I hung up on a telemarketer from the Police Officers Union who tried to get money out of me to support the families of fallen officers? Is that wrong? I wouldn't have answered the phone at all had I not been expecting a call from my future employer to discuss my start date. And yet, I feel kinda bad for hanging up. But damn it, I've had a tough day and I thought it was someone else calling!

Damn telemarketers. That is all.


Miss E. said...

Not sure its any more wrong than my getting irritated because I have to do 40 some odd hours of home visits next year on top of an already frustrating load and the probability of a 4/5 bilingual combination class. Needless to say, I'm thrilled. I'm a terrible, awful person because, at the state I'm in, I DON'T want to go spend an hour with each of my families to help their school performance improve. Word.

Brian said...

The buzzing you were hearing is simply the pending, inevitable return of those voices in your head that tell you to do things.

Just stating the truth.