Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Is it wrong that I've spent more time watching these little guys than I have doing anything else today? I know I'm supposed to be writing and finishing the scary questions (two down, one to go!), but I seriously cannot take my eyes off of the four little cubs and their mother. Because I've let my foreign language skills slip, I don't know how old they are or even where they are, but man, they're CUTE. And cute little cats = one hell of a distraction for me right now.

I need to close the window. They'll still be there when I finish what I need to do. But what if I miss them playing or yawning or getting knocked over when their mother cleans them or just being, well, cute?

You see my dilemma, here.


Arvay said...

Oh no! A replacement for the panda cam! Thanks for making me waste have my day! :)

The Enforcer said...

A note to Brock:
I'm totally sorry I had to nuke your comment, but Rule #1 of my new blog is "no names". It's OK, though...I saved the rest of your comment, and I'm reposting it here...

"Yeah I went to Concord High for two years, and had I stayed I would have graduated in 2000. Does that ring a bell?

Thanks so much for the Alameda suggestions! My wife is so obsessed with gelato that we might make the trip just for that :)"

And now, more from me:

Let me know if you guys ever make it out here and my fiance and I will meet you for some of the best gelato around! And Concord High is a no. I think I graduated from college before you graduated from high school! =P

Anonymous said...

i can't see the clip, is it just my computer? i wanna see the cubs! it goes to some german site that i cant read and thus understand why the clip wont load...._LG

The Enforcer said...

DJC says you might need some kind of plug-in, although he is not sure which one, as the link just worked here without any additional installs.

German? Kasper? I'm pretty sure its Finnish, or Norwegian or something like that, but I could be wrong...