Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Boob Tube: Updated!

Ok, so I know we have LOTS to discuss in the world of television, but I've got another interview this morning and will not be able to cover all the delicious stuff until later. But...

On SYTYCD, the top 20 performed for the first time. I have the beginning DVR'd because I missed about 40 minutes. What I did see, though, I loved. Chelsie Hightower and Matt...just beautiful. Here's their performance from last night to keep you entertained until I get back:

(thanks kelxk3l!)

We also have the Top Chef finale and winner to discuss. PLEASE don't post anything about this yet, as I have not watched it! God bless the DVR.

I'll be back soon! In the meantime, wish me luck! =)


The interview went very well. I rewarded myself with a huge plate of chicken mole, rice and beans from my fave place near home and a serious veg-fest in front of the TV with last night's SYTYCD and Top Chef. Where to start?

I think its safe to assume that if your name is Courtney (or Kourtni) or Chelsea (or Chelsie), life on SYTYCD will be pretty good for you this season. It's also safe to say that if you answer to Chelsea, or any derivation thereof, you will have *ri-goddamn-diculously* long, amazing legs that will become the focus of any dance choreographed for you. I, for one, applaud the choreographers that will exploit this.

It's entirely too early in the season to pick favorites, but so far, I am totally loving EVERYONE. Seriously, there wasn't a single number from last night's show that I didn't love or enjoy on some level. There's a ton of talented dancers with with personality for miles. I was a little scared after the abysmal Vegas auditions, but in fine SYTYCD style, the producers have definitely saved the best dancing for the main show. YAY! Make sure to catch the results show tonight to see who gets the boot first...

As for Top SNOOZEFEST. Listen, I'm glad a female finally won (Go Stephanie!), but my goodness, the finale was about as bland as the pork belly Richard served for his third course. Where was the drama, the scandal, the tampering with other chef's oven temperatures?! Last night's final episode, for all intents and purposes, consisted of nothing more than three people cooking. And from what the judges had to say, not cooking particularly well, either. Blah.

At least Hell's Kitchen is still exciting. I swear, I could listen to Gordon Ramsay curse at the prospective chefs all day long. And next time someone I know really blows it, I'm not gonna hesitate to call him or her a "DONKEY" in my best British accent. That's good TV, right there.

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