Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh my stars....

UPDATED: Now with the new and totally improved William Wingfield audition video! YAY! That previous one was killing me. I mean, who even has an old-school TV like that anymore? But really, when the dancing is that amazing, who cares? I still got chills either way.

SYTYCD is back with a vengeance! After only the first stop on the nation-wide audition tour, the judges must be SO tired. Maybe Fox edited it this way, but there was so much stinkin' talent! I smiled for two straight hours. Here are some of the highlights from last night's show:

This is Robert Muraine. Like Mary, I've never seen anything like this. I think Mia's face at :27 and :43 says it all. Totally. Freaking. Amazing.

Here we have Phillip Chbeeb, a fave of mine from last season who didn't get very far in the competition. So glad to see he came back for another go this year. Between him and Robert, I wonder how it is that people learn to move like that. Insane. And so damn cool. (pardon the lame logo in the corner of the vid!)

And lastly, this piece seriously left me speechless:

I've been watching this show for a looong time now, and I'm fairly certain that no one has done anything like William Wingfield did here. His free-form dance was totally remarkable and breathtaking. Nigel didn't think it was right for the audition, but you know what? It got everyone's attention and left them wanting to see more, which is *exactly* what a successful audition should accomplish. LOVE!

Oh man, this looks to be a great season! The judges are positive and not annoying, the dancing is unreal and it was great to see dancers from past seasons make a cameo or two. Can't wait to see what the other cities have to bring! =)


Amisk8er said...

I have to say, the one guy with the "free-form" poetry really does do a fabulous job, but the "popper" from the second vid does a better job in my mind. All wonderful dancers... no shit. I ask myself how the f-ck am I supposed to move like that if all I have is some rave experience? hehe... best of luck to those who need it! peace...

Miss E. said...

This is quite possibly my favorite summer show. I don't usually watch the tryouts because watching bad dancing (while not quite as painful as bad singing) is sort of a waste of my time, but that last guy (WW) made it so worthwhile. So much more entertaining than idol!