Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still diggin' the Gaga

Ok, I SO love Lady Gaga.

Pop stars of today, take note: bitch can sing. Like really, really well. But if her music isn't your thing (and I can imagine that it wouldn't be for a lot of people...I'm a weirdo), at least let the video load and skip to 3:55. WOW. Just wow.

One day, I will be able to stand on a piano bench in 5" spikes, bent over, with legs that look a mile long and my perfect ass in the air, play the piano and sing. Really well. Damn, that's just so cool. Can't say that I've seen anything like that ever. You go, Gaga. Change the game for the better.


Arvay said...

What an odd bird. I wonder if she's really kooky in real life or if that's her "stage personality."

The Enforcer said...

Odd, yes. But totally unique and entertaining. Apparently, she is that kooky in real life too. Talk about marching to your own drummer! I dig.