Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The carnage

The Bay Area experienced its first good storm of the season today. It was a doozie, for sure. This picture was taken right down the street from my house. Even though it blocked nearly four lanes of traffic, the huge tree thankfully missed all the power lines and more importantly, the Comcast lines.

You see, I seem to have picked up a nasty little cold and all I wanted to do after physiology lab was curl up under a blanket and spend some quality time with the DVR. When I saw the tree, I panicked a tad. But all was well with the cable. Wish all was well with me...

See you all soon. *sniffle...sneeze*

1 comment:

LoveBadReality said...

Feel better, I am so sorry, this stuff is a doozy. Apparently it is going around down here like wildfire as well (and I still sound like an 80 year old with a two pack a day habit). Glad the Comcast lines are intact :)