Monday, September 14, 2009

Your yearly VMA post

I kinda got suckered into watching MTV's VMAs this year, mostly because I was writing about America's Best Dance Crew for my other blog and the coverage just seemed to spill over without me noticing. By the time I realized what I was watching, I was already hooked and had to watch. And I really didn't plan on writing about all the goings on (mostly because I don't want to give Kanye more press...not like anyone reads my blog or anything), but then I remembered that BT gets her VMA street cred with her lawyer friends from my blog, and I figured that EVERYONE would be talking about last night and I wanted her to be able to throw her two cents in.

So, BT, here ya go. This one's for you...

Last night, Taylor Swift (?) won the award for Best Female Video. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and other people that I am forgetting were also nominated. Well, as she was giving her acceptance speech for her very first VMA ever, Kanye West, who is possibly the world's largest asswipe, had to steal her thunder:

It's absolutely astounding to me how much I dislike Kayne. He wasn't even nominated for an award this year (because his music sucks) and he still had to be the center of attention. Listen douchebag, MTV can make you or break you depending on whether or not they like you. It has nothing to do with musical talent. People will like what they're told to like by MTV. Clearly, Taylor Swift is on MTV's good side and judging by the fact that you've never won a VMA, you're not. Period.

Whoever this Taylor person is, though, I feel badly for her. Poor little country singing lamb. This was her moment and Kanye had to make it all about himself...again. Ugh. I'm so tired of his attention-whoring antics and wish he would just disappear into the aether.

Anyways, later in the evening, Beyonce won the award for Video of the Year and brought Taylor back on stage to allow her to complete her acceptance speech. While Kanye showed just how disrespectful a person can be, Beyonce demonstrated a sky-high level of class:

See there? All better. Taylor gets her moment, Kanye is "escorted" out of the VMAs after committing the equivalent of career suicide, and Beyonce comes away from this whole debacle looking like a saint. All is well in the world of pop music again. YAY! Cotton candy and fluffy kitten hugs all around!

So there it is, BT. Hopefully, this will earn you some pop culture points at work today. =)


Anonymous said...


Thank you!

I will be able to work with this material for at least a week.

I never had strong feelings about Kanye except that I don't love his music, but jeeezz... now I am officially not a fan!


Arvay said...

I don't have a TV or speakers on my computer, so I can only deduce what is going on from the text in articles. My only comments are:

1) Taylor Swift is actually a very talented young lady. Her lyrics are trite, but she sings so evocatively, you can completely imagine being a teenager in love when you hear her. :)

2) That was WAY classy of Beyonce.

3) Taylor handled it with grace and class as well.

Yay for not all of our country's starlets being vapid idiots!

The Enforcer said...

BT, if you need more material, here's some interesting stuff:

1. DJC says that the whole Taylor/Kanye circus event was totally orchestrated by MTV to get everyone talking about the VMAs and bring MTV back into the limelight. Also, it was designed to further Taylor's popularity while simultaneously making Kanye look even more like the pompous, whiny ass that he really is...because MTV doesn't like him Hmmm, seems plausible, non?

2. Lady Gaga's insane, theatrical performance (which I loved). People say that the song she chose ("Paparazzi") and the fake blood were a little over the top considering that the VMAs started out by honoring Michael Jackson, who was relentlessly hounded by the paps until his untimely death.

3. Beyonce's performance of "Single Ladies" and her AMAZING body in a very small leotard. You. Must. Google.

That should keep you set for another couple days, easy... ;)