Sunday, May 10, 2009

The great slipcover debacle of 2009

Our living room couch is ugly. I mean REALLY ugly. It was once green "leather". It's now a sorry shade of grayish green that is most certainly cannot be found in Crayola box. DJC and I have considered investing in a new couch for some time, but with me being in school and not working, our only option was to buy a fairly expensive stretch slipcover and suck it up for a little longer. Luckily, Target had a sale on slipcovers this weekend. I jumped without looking, apparently.

We decided on a lovely (not so much, actually) shade of brown called "oar" and anxiously drove home to give it a shot. Thankfully, the package included directions and markers on the front and back center, and the arms to ensure correct alignment. DJC and I placed the cover over top of the couch, lined up the seams and according to the instructions, tucked. And tucked. And pulled. And stretched. And cursed. And tucked. There seemed to be no limit to how much the fabric would stretch! Pretty soon, both of us were a little out of breath and visibly sweating. How'd the couch look? Wrinkled. And wonky. Covered and somewhat better, but wonky.

So, we removed the slipcover entirely and decided to take another swing at it. We followed the directions very closely and resumed tucking and pulling, more tucking, more sweating, infinitely more cursing and still more tucking. The result? I can live with this attempt. The couch looks pretty good. Not perfect, but OK.

Then I sat down. All that hard work...GONE! Gone as soon as I planted my ass on the velvety soft fabric! NOOOOOOOOO! As nice as the cover has made the couch and the room look, I think it's going to be a hell of a lot more work than its worth to keep it looking like an elephant didn't just sit on it.

Has anyone ever tackled one of these before? Any tips you'd care to share? Please. Help me. I feel like I'm drowning in yards of stretchy fabric....

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