Monday, April 27, 2009

Hear that, Sharks fans?

That, ladies and gents, is the sound of the fat lady singing. That's also the sound of the best season the Sharks have had to date coming to a screeching halt. The Sharks are out of the playoffs. They lost in six games (one more than my prediction). They simply gave up! I honestly feel a little like crying, but when I voiced this to DJC, he pointed out that no one on the Sharks bench displayed any sort of emotion during the course of this series, so why should I? Excellent point.

If I were Doug Wilson, who is the general manager of the Sharks, I'd unload the whole goddamn team during off-season trades. The Sharks have made some huge trades in the past couple years to acquire big time talent (from top to bottom..players and coaches) in order to create a team that is capable of winning it all. The only constants in terms of roster space are Captain Patrick Marleau, Jonathan Cheechoo, who has not been the same player since he took a crushing elbow to the head the year after he won the Rocket Richard trophy, and the bane of my hockey existence, goalie Evgeni Nabokov. Some people argue that Joe Thornton should be shipped out as well, but I don't agree with that. I say can Marleau, whose energy and leadership skills are similar to those of a sweet little field mouse, and make Thornton the captain. Let him step up. I think Joe has what it takes.

Now, here's where I'm really gonna start to rant. I've NEVER been an Evgeni Na-choke-ov fan. I think he is possibly the most inconsistent player in the entire NHL. I've never been on board with anything he's done. He has the ever-important job of STOPPING THE PUCK when the defense fails to clear the zone, but judging by the way he plays, its like his role on the team was lost in translation. I would have traded him three years ago if I ruled the world. But, and this is a BIG "but", Nabokov will be staying where he is, playing mediocre, pee-wee caliber hockey for years to come. Why, you ask? His GENIUS agent wrote an iron-clad no-trade clause into his contract which basically gives him carte blanche to TOTALLY SUCK night after agonizing night, without worrying about whether or not his job is in jeopardy...and Doug Wilson AGREED to it!!! Nabokov should give his agent a huge bonus, because if that clause were not in place, I bet Nabokov would find his ass out on the street faster than he could say "5 hole". If I were Doug Wilson, I'd have my best team of lawyers going over that contract looking for a loophole and a way out. Mark my words: The Sharks will never win it all, or even make it past the second round, while Nabokov is in the net...or even on the roster. Fuckin' A.

Ok, I'm done. Fuck hockey. Fuck cheering for a team. I'm done....until next season. Word.

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