Sunday, April 5, 2009

These are the days of our lives...

Every now and then, something strange happens to me. I eat weird foods that I normally wouldn't eat, I do seemingly unnecessary things and I lose complete control of my emotions. I had one of these unexplainable days on Thursday.

When I woke up, I skipped the CORE class at the gym entirely. I sat on the couch and watched REALLY bad TV until I started to feel really I might become part of the couch if I sat around any longer. So, I got up, showered and headed to the Starbucks near the junior college where my class was later in the day. I figured I'd hang out there for a while, grab some lunch, read over last week's lecture notes and then head to class.

Well, the first part of my plan went smoothly...until I realized that the simple ham breakfast sandwich (which has gotten substantially smaller...Thanks economy!) and iced green tea lemonade wasn't going to cut it. I was ravenously hungry. I finished reading the notes, then got into my car and drove next door to KFC and ordered two biscuits complete with butter and honey sauce (note: its only 15% real honey. The rest is HFCS and other "sugars". LOL!). I pulled into a parking spot in KFC's lot and inhaled the biscuits. OMG, they were so delicious. Then, I realized that I would need some sort of liquid for class (so that I didn't break into a coughing fit. I'm still trying to get over this damn cold!). I turned around and went back to Starbucks, but this time I opted for the drive-thru. I ordered one bottle of water...and one grande cafe vanilla Frappucino with extra whipped cream. Keep in mind I had just left Starbucks not 10 minutes earlier. What the hell was wrong with me!?

To top it all off, later that night, instead of reading my current book to lull myself to sleep, I picked up my one of my old journals and started reading about the very beginning of my relationship with DJC. I gushed and gushed and gushed all over its pages and my emotions got the better of me. Before I knew it, I was totally crying. DJC laughed at me and then a minute later, I laughed at myself.

Sometimes, my life can be a wild ride and just try my best to roll with it and hang on. In truth, though, Thursday was totally hilarious. Yeah, hilarious...and totally wacked out. Such is my life. LOL!


Amisk8er said...

lol, this is a funny post... looks as though you have some serious issues craving the HFCS and what the hell is up with DRIVING NEXT DOOR? lol... awesome!

(and for the record: *DJC and --ME--, not "DJC and I"... I wouldn't have said if you weren't a grammar nazi like me :-)

The Enforcer said...

Changed. Reads better now...or it should. ;)