Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advertisement FAIL

(Click for a bigger version)

This came in my mailbox a few days ago. Holy shit on a stick, ya'll. I think this speaks for itself...or does it? Engrish FAIL.


onthemountain said...

I've been trying to sell my car and got an email today that read,
"Hello i wood like to take it for tas drave if that is ok in your prazants"

Duuuuddeee. Whaaattt? A tas drave? Cood be an zecond langig Engrish speakur wid no grammur practiz, or a joke. Strange. Indeed.

DJC said...

UPDATE: Now with radio add thanks to Sparkly!

LoveBadReality said...

Everytime I read that, I find so many wonderful new, yet intriguing sounds like they are advertising help, but at the bottom, they are accepting it...dumping washcloths? Isn't that part of taking out the trash? This is pure genius...poor Sharell