Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jack Black: Funny guy

Generally, I'm not a huge fan of slapstick actors and their respective schticks. I think they just look like they're trying too hard to be funny. For me, as a lover of laughter, there is nothing more annoying. Jim Carrey falls into this category, and to a certain extent, so does Ben Stiller (although I love Zoolander) and Robin Williams (I know I will probably get crucified for that last one...but I do like some of his movies. Some of them. Really, I do.)

Following this line of thought, I should totally hate Jack Black. He is so over the top and at times downright obnoxious, but for whatever reason, I find him irresistibly hilarious. TBS has been running a few of his movies this weekend, and I can't help but tune in and totally crack up. I love him as the well-intentioned stoner in Orange County, and as the misguided substitute teacher in School of Rock and especially as a friar/wannabe luchador in Nacho Libre.

What?! You've never seen Nacho Libre?! Say it isn't so!! It's about as campy as a film can be a la Zoolander, and it always makes me totally happy. It's scenes like this one (at the end of the vid) that make me cheer for the DVR and the rewind button:

How he pulls off this scene without totally busting up with laughter is beyond me. I wonder how many takes it took to get it just right, because I can't even make it through the "no no no no no way Jose" part without losing it. And then when the "Encarnacion...doodoo leedoo doodle lee" part comes along, I'm in hysterics. DJC and I probably watched this scene about 15 times in a row. During the day, we'd look at each other and randomly bust out with "Encarnacionnnnnnn" and crack each other up. The song, in all its hilarity, was stuck in both of our heads all day.

I honestly have no idea why I love a total goofball like Jack Black and not someone like Jim Carrey. Sometimes, there is no rational explanation to what makes me laugh...

(Awesome note: Firefox gave me a red, underlined spelling error for the word "stoner" but didn't for "luchador". Suggestions for "stoner" include "toner", "sooner" and "stonier". LOL!)

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