Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow, the Milwaukee travel extravaganza begins. The weather here has been less than cooperative lately, and apparently, where we're going, it's been worse. Check it out. We'll be spending the better part of our "vacation" there. Woot.

Here's to hoping that the house we'll be staying in has internet! I'm sure I'll have plenty of amusing stories, but in the event that I will be sans interwebs, I wish everyone happy holidays! I'll update as I can.

Peace and hot cocoa and fireplaces and flannel sheets and extra blankets and fuzzy scarves!

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Arvay said...

Wow! That's the same temperature as here! Only with a wind chill that's 15 F degrees lower! I'm so sorry. I cannot tolerate wind. Hope you have an enjoyable time anyway!