Thursday, October 23, 2008

New music

(I tried doing this post earlier, but Blogger was down. Sorry 'bout that!)

Every now and then, I'll turn on the radio. Some stuff I like, but most stuff makes me want to jam pencils in my ears. Case in point: the new, HORRIBLE song from The Killers called "Human". I *HATE* this song. The first time I heard it, I wasn't impressed, but then again, I rarely like something the first time around. My knee-jerk reaction was to change the station...quickly. Yesterday, in the interest of fairness, I gave it another go. I'm happy to report that my knee-jerk reaction was correct...this song REALLY blows. But the great thing about music is that it's totally subjective. You might actually dig this atrocity. Wanna listen? Here ya go:

"Are we human...or are we dancer?" Seriously? STFU. The worst part about this song is that the ASININE chorus gets stuck in my head and repeats endlessly because its the only part of the song I know. I used to really like The Killers. When I sing along with "Read My Mind" and "Mr. Brightside" (loudly and off-key, of course), I totally feel where they were coming from when they wrote the songs. But "Human" is just trying too hard to be abstract and deep and sentimental. It pisses me off.

On another new music note, I recently heard the new Guns n' Roses song entitled "Chinese Democracy". First impression: pretty decent, but not Gn'R AT ALL. I don't care what anyone says, Slash made that band what it was back in the day. Yeah, it was kinda cool to watch Axl spaz out on stage and squwak into the mic, but at the end of the day, it was Slash's haunting guitar riffs and solos that ensnared us all. You may not have liked the way he looked on stage(all black hair, top hat and cigarette), but you can't front on the fact that the man is a freaking UNREAL musician and songwriter. He and Axl kinda had this songwriting Qi going for a while...they cranked out some pretty amazing music together (a la "Estranged"...possibly my *fave* Gn'R track ever), but now, sans Slash, Axl has lost some of his magic. Ok, most of his magic. It's not that I don't like this song, because I actually really's just not Guns n' Roses, that's all. Have a listen:

I never thought I'd be a Gn'R purist or that I'd even care enough about the band to actually do a post, but its funny how hearing something packaged as something else brings out the music snob in me.

I think I'll stick to my old stand-by internet radio stations (links in the sidebar over there, btw!) for exactly what I want to hear when I want to hear it....with no "Human" anywhere to be found.

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Amisk8er said...

funny how I always seem to comment when you post about music...

AAAnyway... dare I say this?: I think the GnR track is 10x worse than the Killers track, even though I think the Killers are an overrated band, and their new album blows. But god I couldn't stand listening to that piercingly bad voice and generic guitar riff reproducing itself until a million baby poop riffs were inundating my brain.

I'll leave it at this: Just listen to Radiohead, and you will be able to branch off into so many good genres of music and discover quality bands... when someone tells me they absolutely love radiohead, I already know about 50% of their music taste right there...