Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burgers and Walnut Chic Thugs

DJC and I met my mom and dad out in trendy, "prestigious" Walnut Creek for dinner earlier tonight. My parents LOVE this place called The Counter. They serve totally customizable beef burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers and chicken sandwiches. My parents rave about it! What follows are my impressions. Don't let the four Yelp stars fool you...

First off, the decor: WHACK. Picture it, if you can: Super minimal, metal and white paint, cheap tables and uncomfortable chairs, bright lights, and (wait for it...wait for it) an Andy Warhol-esque tribute to the Notorious BIG, a child-like painting of one single Run DMC Adidas shoe, and a bunch of grafitti skateboard decks (a la Pharrell and his little Skateboard P schtick) graced the walls.

Yeah, just like this, but of Biggie instead of Marilyn.

And this was the shoe:

Walnut Chic WHAT WHAT!! Hollah!! Soooooooooooooooo ghetto and tough! So gangsta!! White high school kids driving $80,000 Escalades on $5,000 rims bumping 50 Cent and rapping along like Fitty was telling their life story seem to be the target demographic for this place. Sorry, but the vibe of the inside came off ALL KINDS of wrong. WHACK. Seriously.

Next up, the wait staff: Everyone looked like they either belonged in a Blink 182 video OR like they were trying too hard to somehow skank their way into the Playboy Mansion without the actual pretty people noticing. Given the tragic homage to hip-hop, I was totally confused.

The music: Uber chill downtempo Netmusique-ish tunes, followed by twangy country. WTF?!

Wait...isn't this a BURGER place we were at? Oh yeah, right, the food...

Unfortunately, that was kind of confusing, too. Diners are presented with a checklist of a mind-boggling amount of ingredients and instructed to choose whatever they liked. The good: variety. One could eat here every day for a month and never even come close to having the same sandwich combination twice. The bad news is, well, who really wants sun-dried tomato vinagriette or dried cranberries on a burger? Weird. Way too weird. My chicken breast was thin and kinda dry, but the ginger soy sauce and grilled pineapple helped. The wheat bun was pretty tasty, though.

With all it's shortcomings, I'll probably go back. It's good for a laugh. I hear the milkshakes are pretty decent, although it remains to be seen if they'll bring all the boys to the yard.

Hella word, ya'll. Hella word.


Amisk8er said...

honestly post of the year TOP-candidate in my opinion... gdamn enforcer... I nearly soiled myself, but luckily I had bought some toilet paper on my way home from work...

Brian said...

I was in the WC not too long ago and stated to my friend how I would never want to live here again. He responded by asking if I thought it would be worth it for the school system.

Not when B.S. like places with the character of this restaurant can exist. I hate the idea of this homage to false hip-hop culture via a burger shop. blech. I'm a big time, bitter, never satisfied, hater