Saturday, August 30, 2008

ROLL ON YOU BEARS....the redux

Aaaah, college of America's greatest pastimes. I've been sitting on the couch watching the Virginia Tech vs East Carolina game eagerly anticipating the start of the Cal season. I was going to do a whole new Cal pre-season post, but I think the one I did last year on that other blog will do just fine. After a dismal, disappointing late-season showing in 20007, not much has changed in the way us Cal fans feel. So, in the spirit of being carefully optimistic (but waiting to be let down, as always), I present "Roll On You Bears 2007"...

It's that time of year again, sports fans. Fall will always hold a special place in my heart...not only for the lovely turning of the leaves and yummy pumpkin pies, but for FOOTBALL. Cal football, more specifically. There's nothing like Bezerkeley on a day when the Bears are scheduled to play. We usually all meet at Kip's, which is possibly the divey-est of the Berkeley dive bars, but the drinks are cheap, strong, and the game is always on at least seven different TVs. The day is even more exciting when Cal manages to win one.

Now, for all of you that are gonna call me a hater with no faith, listen up. You know, at some point in time, you've thought to yourselves, "Yeah, Cal may have the lead right now, but they'll find a way to screw it up". And sucks as it may, you're usually right. It's just fact. We've all been Cal fans long enough to accept this, even though every year, we all have such positive feelings about how *this* team is THE team to finally take Cal to the Rose Bowl.

Somewhere in the middle of my freshman year at Cal, it happened. I became a DIE HARD fan. I don't really know how I became so loyal...maybe there were subliminal messages hidden in every class I took...maybe there was a night of hardcore Cal hazing that I've successfully blocked out. Who knows. The point is that EVERYONE I know from Cal feels the same way about the Bears. I work with a guy who graduated in the 60s and to this day, a good 30 minutes can be killed listening to him talk about Cal athletics. He's just that dedicated. All of the old cheers and chants remain unchanged and whether or not we admit to it, we can all sing at least two bars of Sons of California. Some of us have even been known to bust out the Cal Drinking Song at a restaurant in Mexico...and at BT's wedding! We're just that dedicated.

So, as fall and the regular season schedule approach, my awesome college friends and I will be cheering for the Bears until we're hoarse and hoping for the best, because DAMN IT, this year will be different!

This is also a friendly reminder that you can always visit the California Golden Blogs for all of your serious (and hilarious) Cal football analysis needs. To those guys, Cal football is a religion and they totally know their shit. Hi CBK! Hi Ragnarok, Hydro and Twist! =)

AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! So excited! I love this time of year!! Until game time, GOOOOO BEARS!!

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