Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I have so much to say about the first day of my new job, but I promised myself that I'd actually learn something from my previous crap-tastic experience with blogging about work, so we'll just leave it at this:

I have A LOT to learn...and I love it.

YAY! =)

Until things calm down a bit with the new gig, posting might be light. But SYTYCD is on tomorrow night which means I'll probably throw a vid of my fave dance up. But until then, please enjoy this throwback to the days when MTV still played music videos that featured real, actual dancing:

Back in the day, I freaking loved this video. Me and all my dancer friends played it over and over on the VCR to learn the moves. Back then, Janet was the sh*t. Whatever happened to videos like this? Damn...

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